Working at Spoc.NET

The first week of work passed and I didn’t write anything about it yet, so here it comes. In Kosice I work together with Simon and Felix at T-Systems Slovakia (TS-SK), together with about 2000 employees working for TS-SK here in the new buildings at Zriedlova 13.

T-Systems Building


Our department is Spoc.NET (Single point of contact for Network related topics) and we work 247 in 12h shifts. Mostly we are doing Incident dispatching and Network Monitoring. The team counts 23 employees (with us and another turk student). Average age of the teammember is 2425, so the team is very young :-). Also there are a lot of women (5 is much for an IT-Team 😉) in the team. We get along with the others very well. In our team, as in most teams here, it is not necessary to come in business clothes. So the first day when we came with long trousers and a shirt, we were overdressed. The short trousers are very comfortable for us, while there are up to 35°C outside.


The office is on the seventh floor of Zriedlova 13 and is, as the rest of the building, quite modern and nice. Huge windows let much light come in and through the glass walls within the building we can see the other Network teams on this floor. In our bureaux there are 5 workstations for our team, therefore there are 5 teammember working at the same time in maximum. Also there are some guys of the Black-Fiber team for Network Connections between the Datacenters. Any workstation has 3 monitors, a Cisco IP Phone and a very very comfortable chair.

I think the office is quite nice, but there is also one bad thing… There is no good coffee on my floor :-( (How should I keep alive during the nightshifts?)


So now lets get to our business. As I said we are doing Incident dispatching and Network Monitoring. For the network monitoring we have to keep an eye on some tools like Netcool, HP Network Node Manager, Cacti and so on… If there is an error which comes from a device that is not under construction in a change at the moment, we have to open an Incident and dispatch it to the responsible teams all over the world. Most of our work is Incident Dispatching. So we get network related incidents of all teams within the magenta world assigned to us and we need to analyse the Incident and send it to the right team. If the Incident have a high priority we need to inform the team and monitor the Incidnent so it will be closed as soon as possible.


For Lunch there are some restaurants, a cantina and a supermarket in the building. This is the only place I have seen, where the prices for food are as high as in Germany. So you have to pay about 4 euro for a meal in the cantina.