Kosice Free Time Activities

Hello again from Kosice city. Today I want to tell you why I don’t have enough time to write blog entries ;-), so I’m writing about my free time activities here in Kosice.

Swimming and sunbathing

According to the hot weather here (Everyday since I am here, it is over 30 degrees Celsius and sunny), we go swimming a lot.

The first few times we were at an open air swimming pool nearby the city center, which was pretty crowded in- and outside of the water. Also the water was not that clear as you would have thought by a swimming pool.

Crowded Swimming Pool

As we heard of many people and also have seen some advertisement at work we should go to Magio Plaz (magic beach) in the south of Kosice. The beach is sponsored by T-Systems and so we have free entrance as T-Systems employees. (Normal entrance fee is 1 Euro). At the beach there are bars, restaurants, a DJ is playing music all day, a open air cinema with english movies and activities like beach volleyball, spinning and water skiing. But most important: there is a real sandy beach at the lake!

Magio Plaz Magio Plaz Magio Plaz Magio Plaz

So the place at all is very nice and I enjoyed every visit so far. The only reason, why the Magio Plaz is not the very best of all is its water quality. It was forbidden to swim in the first two weeks we were here because of the bad water and even now when it is allowed we only go into the water to cool down and not to enjoy swimming / diving / playing with a ball.

But as we heard there is another very nice lake in Bukovec, but you only get there by a 20 min bus ride. I think we will give it a try in the next time.


Yes, also in my “vacation” I need to do some sports to keep fit and healthy ;-). So I am doing some sports at a gym together with Felix and Simon. The gym is very nice and new. It is located in the shopping center Aupark and is called Golem. It is perfect for our short visit here in Kosice because we don’t need to sign a long term contract, instead we have to pay for every visit about 3 Euro per 3 hour session.

Also we are have been running a few times, but we haven’t found a nice route yet. For our first trip, we were just running to the north of Kosice and “climb” a hill :-P. The second trip was a round course through the west city part. Actually we set a goal for us here in Kosice by participate at Kosice Night Run 2013.

Language Exchange Meeting

Another free time activity here in Kosice is the Language Exchange Meeting which is every Wednesday in the Beer House. People of different age and nations are meeting to talk about something to improve their language skills and drink some beers together. This is a very good way to get to know some locals and learn something about Kosice and other things. So the meetings are fun and we also improve our english or learn some phrases in slovak. (Prosim si jeden pivo!)

Going Out

Of course there are some clubs and bars in a city like Kosice and so we are going out as often as we can. So far we were in 3 clubs:

  • Jazz Club – very popular but small. Great parties
  • Ibiza Club – University club. Popular for students but we are in the summer holidays now :-(
  • Boba Bar – more or less a strange bar with rude guys and girls for money :-/

City seeing

So we are in Kosice and have some great towns around us which we are looking forward to visit. Especially Budapest is worth a visit. So Felix and I will go to Budapest this weekend and you will read about it in another post!

For now that’s it. Thanks for reading! čau!