Awesome Budapest

Hey there,

as you already know, I was in Budapest the last weekend. For those who are only interested in pictures, here is the long story short: Great city, awesome nightlife, totally worth a visit 😉


Stood up at 4:45 in the morning to take the morning train at 6 o’clock AM directly to Budapest together with Felix. At least the seats were fine and air condition was working, so we were able to sleep a lot of the scheduled 3:30 train ride, which was extended to 4:15 by a 45 minutes stop just a few kilometers in front of Budapest Keleti…

So we arrived in Budapest at 10:15 and as we got out of the train, it was already 32 degrees outside without one cloud in sight. Our first action was to get some Hungarian Forints for our Euros. An advice from myself: Never use the first currency change you find. At least check some Change values before you get into the city to get to know which course is actually acceptable and which not. (Difference between buy- and sell-value shouldn’t be more than a few percent, because that’s what they earn by serving you 😉 )

Afterwards we got some 3-day puclic transport tickets for us and drove to the city center and enjoyed a coffee at Starbucks :-). At the central place Deak Ter there were some people giving out water to everyone because of the 38 degrees. Thankfully we took a bag of water and started cooling our heads.


Then we went to our accommodation in Budapest just to put our bags there but unfortunately we were able to Check-In already and bring the bags to our room. The hotel room was nice and clean and it was great to sleep in a bed after 3 weeks of sleeping on a couch.

Budapest sight-seeing Budapest sight-seeing Budapest sight-seeing Budapest sight-seeing

Then we went through the city center and drove to Hősök tere (Heroes’ Square) by Metro in the evening, where we spent some Time at the lake and drove back to our hotel.

Budapest sight-seeing Budapest sight-seeing

In the evening we ate some goulash and other local foods in a restaurant, which I wouldn’t recommend to you when it is above 30 degrees… 😉 We were totally done that day and fell asleep soon.


On Saturday we had a good breakfast at the hotel and went to the city center to get into one of the Hop-On Hop-Off sight-seeing buses and started our tour at 11 o’clock. On the tour we first only saw the same places and buildings as we saw the day before but at the end of the tour we arrived at the Buda Castle and the Citadel, which are definitely worth a visit because of the great overview of the city and the old buildings there. We haven’t been there the day before because they are on hills in Buda and it was to hard to go there by foot with those high temperatures.

Budapest sight-seeing

The later afternoon we spent at the Westend City Center, one of the large shopping malls in Budapest.

In the evening we went to a Pubcrawl to see some of the nightlife in Budapest. We visited 4 bars and a club. Two bars were nothing special. But at one bar we were able to play Beer Pong, Flip-cub and other drinking games with the cheapest beer of Budapest (1l Pitcher for around 2.30 euro).

The next bar was a very nice bar build in an old toy factory and a very great open air place in the inner yard of it. At the end we were at ‘Inztant Club‘ where we spent the night.

Great ruin atmosphere with different dance floors and good music. During the Pubcrawl we got to know Thor and Richard, some great brits with whom we had a lot of fun.

Thor, Richard, Felix and me


So after a very short night, we stood up for a good English breakfast with beans, eggs and sausages to cure our hangover. Afterwards we packed our bags and Checked-Out. We took a Hop-On Hop-Off boat trip from the city center to Margitsziget and chilled the whole day there till we need to get back to the hotel for our bags and to the train station.

Hungover me Felix Fountain

So I think the trip to Budapest was pretty amazing.

Thanks for reading!