Saturday, the 20th July 2013 6 o’clock in the morning, the alarm goes and I am full of Energy. This was my last night in Darmstadt for a long while and quick I get ready to get driven to the airport by Nils (Thank you :-) ).

There I met Simon who is with me in Kosice. After an extensive breakfast at the Senator Lounge of Terminal 1 (I need to get a frequently flyer to. that was awesome :) ), we flew to Vienna, where we had to stay 1.5 hours and chilled in a Lounge :).

Afterwards we flew together with Felix, the third person of our Darmstadt trio in Kosice, with an propeller machine to Kosice International Airport. A small airport where you don’t have to walk miles to get out. Ladislav, a T-Systems colleague from Kosice, who arranged a flat for my two months here, picked me up and drove me to my flat. I will post some pictures and information in an own post.

Felix and Simon

Then I packed out my bags and went buying some food at Lidl. You mostly get the same products as in germany from the same brands, only with an additional sticker, which tell the ingredients on czech and slovak. I relaxed a little bit and then the first evening came and I met Simon and Felix in the city for lunch and further program. So we ate at “Bohemia – Steak & Beer”, where the beer was cold and good (Budweiser strong for 1,49 half a liter), but the food was not as good :-(. (Steak & Beer seemed to be the perfect mans meal :-D). Afterwards we drank a cocktail and looked for a club or discotheque. That seemed to be harder than we thought, but after walking some kilometers we finally found Ibiza Club and had some fun. Felix left us at about 1:00 am and Simon and I left the club at 2 am and went home via the Hlavná road, which is the main street in Kosice. There we heard loud music out of a little side street and joined the party and talked to some locals for two hours and got some tipps, what we need to see and where to party. Actually we were in an good location at Ibiza Club. It is in the university district with lots of students.

So I fell to bed after 22 hours of action and it was already bright outside, which would be fine if I would have some shutter in front of my window, but there are none. That will be a lot of fun while having night shifts ;-).

On sunday I met the others and together we discovered the way to work, the bureau buidings of T-Systems and the cathedral of Kosice, where we went up a narrow stair to get a beautiful overview over Kosice.

T-SystemsT-Systems OperaKosice Overview ChurchOpera

So today was my first working-day here in Kosice and you will hear about that in one of the next posts.

Greetings to germany (or whereever you are reading this post), Marius